Yes it's true.
Teachers ARE Eligible To Participate in a HALF PRICE Home Offer!

(watch this 2 min video for more information)


Our Everyday Hero Rewards Program
For ALL District Employees

Thank you for your contribution to the community and to families that depend on you.  We have developed a unique "Rewards" program to serve as a tangible "Thank You" that goes beyond mere words.  We Put Money With Ours Words!

We Reward You 4 Special Ways

Discounted Closing Costs
  • We contribute up to $500 cash toward your closing costs.
  • We believe in education and giving back to teachers and the people that support the education system.
Discounted Real Estate Agent Fees
  • We will Rebate up to $500 from real estate agent fees directly to you.
  • We partner with those in the Real Estate Community who also look to give back.
Priority Loan Processing
  • Educator Mortgage Program customers take priority.
  • We pay the fees required to "Expedite" your mortgage loan application.
Free Moving Truck (local)
  • Our clients use our Trucks and NEVER have to pay a truck rental charge.  Heck, we even pay for the gas.